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YAZHL OZONE SYSTEMS that are built and designed specifically for Air Treatment processing, Sanitation, and water treatment. Our equipment is used worldwide by companies in the Play School, Cinema Theatre, Office, Factory, Hotels, and other Air Treatment processing industries:


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School / college Ozone Air Treatment

In class rooms long working  hours may  directly result in odour due to biological activities like perspiration etc which may be unpleasant. 


Ozone application can be the best solution maintaining fresh air circulation.

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Public gathering significantly reduces air purity levels due to  body odour, cigarette smoke etc which might increase the toxicity level  in air. Pure oxygen in the form of Ozone converts toxic air in to fresh air

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Office / Factory 

Smells develop in offices from a variety of reasons. A musty smell may indicate the presence of moisture, mold or mildew. Then there are the food and beverage spills, body odors and the occasional smoker. These odors get embedded in the carpet and furniture, cling to the walls and ceiling and get trapped in the ductwork of the building. Simply cleaning the office is often not enough.

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Hotel Room Air Purifier

Occupants before moving in and leaving rooms, the rooms needs to be sanitized. Conventional methods are not much efficient in areas like odour removal and also sanitizing. Ozone based treatment has excellent potential in keeping the rooms hygienic without chemical based disinfection.

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Odour Control

Odour generated due to biochemical process or sewage treatment process may not only be nauseating but may also cause psychological disturbances.  Apart from industrial odor, odour generated due to pet animals may also cause considerable irritation. Ozone based air treatments are the only best remedy for controlling odour.

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​​Fire Restoration

Smoke vapor generated due to cigarette smoking or accidental fire might tend to reside within the rooms like hotels or office.


These odour are not only pungent but irritating to occupants. Ozone is the best remedy  for maximum  removal of smoke traces.

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Cold Storage Ozone Systems

Ozone based sanitization in Cold and Food Storage is absolute current necessity. 


Ozone based treatment through air maintains freshness of the products and prevents decay and ensures better shelf life  of these products without harming food stuff unlike conventional chemicals which not only harms the food products but also contaminates the area. Ozone systems keeps food stuff safe and hygienic.

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