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There are three reasons why ozone in aquaculture improves water quality and increment aquaculture efficiency

As recycling aquaculture frameworks (RAS) work by reusing the fish tank water it is basic to control the water quality. Numerous examinations show that rewarding RAS frameworks with ozone builds efficiency as fish well being and endurance is expanded.

At RAS the natural burden will in general be high and the homogeneous fish stock prompts a high danger of contamination and issues with microscopic organisms, parasites, and infections. In spite of the fact that ozone isn't fundamentally utilized for purification at RAS the decrease of solids and DOC frequently makes a situation that is less good for bacterial development and along these lines makes a diminished requirement for sanitization.

Ozone Advantages & Benefits

Destroying pathogen

Ozone oxidizes organic matter generated by aqua species and also prevents infection by destroying pathogen which targets aqua species


Ozone is one pure form of oxygen where it involves no harmful chemicals like conventional chlorine based oxidizing agents which gets absorbed within aqua products


Quality of water will be increased while also increases the survival chances of aqua products

Chemical Free

Reduction in usage of chemicals like antibiotics and it sterilizes water which leads to healthier products and increased productivity


Ozone completely oxidizes organic pollutants and also better oxygen generation within water.


Ozone also removes nitrite by converting in to nitrate by oxidation caused due to metabolic action of toxic organics

Eco Friendly

Ozone maintains clean environment


Prevents odour generation due to decomposition of organic matter

Image by Dawid W
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