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Image by Leo Rivas
Ozone based swimming pool is the current trend in disinfecting and treatment of water. Water tends to be contaminated due to continuous swimming activity and its a proven fact ozone has excellent advantages compared to conventional chlorine based disinfection techniques where chemical needs to be added frequently which not only affects water quality but also affects swimmers health. Also huge volume of water is wasted in this process.  
Ozone based systems completely oxidizes and disinfects organics without any harmful byproducts. It also helps in conserving the water. Ultimately ozone systems creates swimming activity in to an pleasant experience.


Ozone Advantages & Benefits

No harmful byproducts

Ozone oxidizes organic and inorganic matter present in water without generating harmful byproducts unlike chlorine based treatment methods which are proven carcinogenic


Ozone easily biodegrades pollutants caused due to swimming activity which can be further decomposed and filtered 



Due to its microbiological property ozone destroys microorganisms and bacteria present in water and prevent its possible regrowth 


Ozone completely prevents eye irritation, itching and rashes on skin


Ozone also increases the oxygen content in swimming pool

Odour Free

Ozone helps in keeping the water clean and clear and also free from odour

Scale Formation

It also prevents scale formation along sides of the swimming pool

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